unfortunately, very little live audio material has surface over the years. if you have any live audio or video recordings or anything symposium related, please email me

radio 1 sound city, newcastle uni (28 october 1998)

sound quality:- 


radio 1 > cassette > pc
1) what's what
2) obsessive compulsive disorder
3) one day at a time
4) the answer to why i hate you
5) bury you
6) wall of silence
7) drink the sunshine
8) puddles
9) farewell to twilight
sound is a bit muffled and hissy, but it was recorded in the days before digital radio and audio streaming! features a live recording of 'wall of silence', which is the only known live version to surface. 'what's what' can also be found in far better condition on the 'on the bbc' cd. this gig featured a power cut near the end, but after radio 1 had finished it's transmission

sympoheroes, reading festival (28 august 1999)

sound quality:- 


audience recording > cd
1) intro
2) the end
3) bury you
4) puddles
5) fizzy
6) fairweather friend
7) to the lighthouse
8) drink the sunshine
9) fear of flying
10) peshwari naan
11) the answer to why i hate you
12) what's what
13) killing position
a poorer sounding audience recording. unfortunately the recorder moves around the tent, which is somewhat distracting. this gig features the mc hammer's 'u can't touch this' intro, and suggs from madness features on the song 'fizzy'. fantastic sounding crowd - just like being there! recording also features 'new' songs: 'to the lighthouse', 'peshwari naan' and 'what's what', and the only surfaced live recording of 'fear of flying'

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