although symposium's music is long since deleted, it is still available if you search online. you will find cd's, records and sometimes cassettes to buy from amazon, ebay, and if in doubt, netsoundsmusic. if you like what you hear, please do buy their music. this site does not host any music to download, however, if you wish to listen to their music, please click on the links below:-


one day at a time


1) drink the sunshine
2) one day at a time
3) farewell to twilight
4) puddles
5) fairweather friend
6) fear of flying
7) fizzy
8) smiling

on the outside


1) impossible
2) the answer to why i hate you
3) bury you
4) blue
5) the end
6) nothing special
7) circles, squares and lines
8) stay on the outside
9) paint the stars
10) obsessive compulsive disorder
11) natural
12) way

  b-sides & rare songs

1) last song ever
2) disappear
3) xanthein
4) a song
5) easily scared
6) i like to
7) shit
8) jim
9) turquoise
10) keeping the secret
11) my head
12) greeting song
13) just so
14) the girl with brains in her feet
15) average man
16) journey
17) little things
18) me
19) twist
20) serenade the idiot
21) standing honoured
22) higher
23) fluorescent
24) mairamout
25) schsostakowitsch
26) life of riley
27) carnival
28) cartwheels
29) ode to the frogs
30) killing position
31) wall of silence

  alternative versions

smiling (demo)
one day at a time (demo)
drink the sunshine (original)
farewell to twilight (single version)
natural (original)
fairweather friend (radio edit)
puddles (extended version)
impossible (extended version)
the answer to why i hate you (extended version)
impossible (radio edit)
killing position (quick kill edit)

  radio 1 session (11 september 1996)

farewell to twilight
bury you [very early version!]
drink the sunshine

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