promo videos were created for all of the singles, and are shown below



drink the sunshine

a collage of various live videos taken early on in their career



farewell to twilight




easily scared
a live video collage of easily scared from the nme bratbus tour, london astoria, 27 january 1997?, but with the audio of the studio recording of the song. presumably an american promo video to promote the 'symposium' e.p; since the video is ntsc format

many thanks for ross cummins for the video



the answer to why i hate you

shot in spain



fairweather friend

directed by peter christopherson, and shot at a house once belonging to actress elizabeth taylor, in foxwarren park, in the outskirts of london.
the videos concept was simple: a poolside party in the sunshine, rain that drove their friends indoors, then sunshine to bring them back outside. unfortunately, this video was shot during a typical british summer, meaning that the rain machine used was highly unnecessary. all of the instruments were rented, and the amplifiers were fake, which was a good job since they all took a dunking in the pool.



average man

directed by john rankin waddell, and shot in an otherwise empty, very cold warehouse in london. filming started at 9.30am, and the band spent most of the day jumping on trampolines, built-in to the floor of the set. footprints kept appearing on the trampolines, and they were constantly re-sprayed to help them blend in to the set. soon on, the fumes emanated the stage; ross claimed he didn't actually need the trampoline



bury you






guitars for goalposts - soccer 6 tournament 

a commercially available video, but hard to find. features pop and rock bands such as symposium, midget, lightning seeds, the prodigy and blur playing 6-a-side football for charity


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