symposium beanie

on the outside tour itinerary
available from a kerrang! competition (kerrang! 15 january 1997) and also as merchandise from gigs at a cost of 5! ring bound tour itinerary with full information for the may/june 1998 on the outside tour 

killing position tour itinerary
sympomania fanzine
ring bound tour itinerary with full information for the march 1999 killing position tour  an ace fanzine produced for 'sympomaniacs', featuring only the band symposium
radio 1 session 4 track cd-r
the only known cd to contain the full (and only) radio session by symposium. recorded on 11 september 1996, for bbc radio 1. 'farewell to twilight' and 'bury you' were also released on the 'on the bbc' cd, but 'drink the sunshine' and 'fizzy' from this session have never been officially released!

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