symposium had different logos throughout their career. this is a chronological list of them:-

band name logos


their earliest logo, drink the sunshine single era

a logo used around the time of the farewell to twilight single
a logo used for a gig flyer around the time of the release of farewell to twilight 

a very common logo, used for the answer to why i hate you and fairweather friend singles

only used for the one day at a time mini-album. slightly different to the one before, as the letters have textured hatching

the final logo, used from the average man single onwards, this logo created from the vouge font that is available from this site

's' logos


drink the sunshine single farewell to twilight single farewell to twilight era flyer logo farewell to twilight promo "symposium" import e.p the answer to why i hate you single fairweather friend single
fairweather friend single one day at a time mini-album one day at a time mini-album japanese import drink the sunshine reissue single average man single killing position single

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