various clips from their tour with 'a' - may - june 1997)


many thanks for ross cummins for the videos



fairweather friend (camden electric ballroom - 4 june 1997)

as found on the 'fairweather friend' cd 2 single



drink the sunshine (t-in the park - 12 july 1998)

recorded of tv in the days before decent sounding vcrs, so apologies for the poorer sound quality!



[3 tracks] (reading festival - 28 august 1998)

first two videos taken from reading festival 1998 highlights, shown on late night itv. original mono vcr recording sound upgraded!

hard day's night featuring their infamous stage trashing finale at reading festival 1998, taken from the 'killing position' cd-rom

[most of the set] (reading festival - 29 august 1999)

the majority of their fantastic reading 1999 gig, featuring suggs on fizzy!


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