'official' sites

symposium facebook group the 'official' symposium page on facebook - please LIKE!
symposium website   an interesting new site, with a email address signup!

symposium fan sites

www.xanthein.co.uk  the main site to sympomania.com - featuring bands from the same era as symposium
www.bean.nl/symposium/   a dutch fan site with a brief discography, some lyrics, and some pictures
http://therapy7.elementfx.com/symposium.htm  a fantastic fan site, with a very extensive symposium collection
www.rock-planet.co.uk/symposium/ a small fan site containing a discography combined with lyrics

music pages

www.last.fm/music/Symposium  symposium last.fm page
www.facebook.com/groups/2366972529/  symposium fans
www.facebook.com/groups/54790044438/  petition to get symposium to reform
www.last.fm/music/Hell+Is+For+Heroes  hell is for heroes last.fm page
www.last.fm/music/Wojtek+Godzisz  wojtek godzisz last.fm page
www.facebook.com/WojtekGodzisz  wojtek godzisz facebook page
http://papercutsuk.blogspot.co.uk/  papercuts blog, including direct link to download only album

wiki pages

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symposium_(band)  symposium wiki page
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell_Is_for_Heroes_(band)  hell is for heroes wiki page

symposium shopping

amazon although symposium's music is long since deleted, it is still available if you search online. you will find cd's, records and sometimes cassettes to buy from these sites

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